Real Lives Family Week 2021

During each of the three evenings our guest speaker Roger Carswell will be interviewing special guests from many different backgrounds, finding out about their faith in Jesus.  He will also be explaining the relevance of the Christian faith today.

As part of each evening there will be a special children's programme running along side part of the main meeting.  At an appropriate time the children will leave and be well looked after by our youth team.

Refreshments will also be served at the end of each evening.

Friday 9th July 2021
6:45 - 8:00pm
Todd Alexander


From seeming to levitate a member of the audience to sawing himself in half, illusionist Todd Alexander's show will certainly amaze and amuse!  Todd aims to present the reality of the Christian message through the stage art of illusion.  Come and hear Todd's story.

Followed by supper:- Hog Roast Cobs

Saturday 10th July 2021
6:45 - 8:00pm
Yvonne Edwards


Yvonne lived life to the limit, balancing a successful career with an alcohol and drug fuelled private life.  Seeming to have it all, her life was spiralling down into chronic addiction and suicidal thoughts.

Hear how Yvonne found peace and meaning - not through rehab in the Priory, but through an unexpected encounter that brought healing and lasting change.

Followed by supper:- Mini Fish & Chips

Sunday 11th July 2021
5:00 - 6:15pm
Prof. Stuart Burgess


Professor of Engineering Design at Bristol University, Stuart has a passion for designing engineering systems including bio-inspired designs.  Like many scientists he believes that the natural world has a Designer.  Stuart was also lead designer of the chain-sprocket transmission for the Team GB cycling which was used in the 2016 Rio Olympics and helped them win 6 Golds, 4 Silvers and 2 Bronze medals.  He will be bringing the Olympic bike with him.

Followed by supper:- Pizza

Guest Speaker: Roger Carswell


Roger Carswell is well known to many people at Glencroft.  He has been involved in many guest events since 2001.  He has worked extensively in the UK as well as many other countries around the world.  He is married to Dot and they have four children and eight grandchildren.  He will be interviewing our special guests and explaining the relevance of the Christian faith today.


All events to take place outside at the back of Arnesby Baptist Church.  There is a "barn" shelter with heaters and a marquee shelter.

Arnesby Baptist Church

St Peters Road




COVID Guidelines

We will be following all Government guidelines with a COVID secure environment.  With events anticipated to take place outside face coverings are not mandatory but it is necessary to maintain social distance.

Please do not attend if you are suffering any symptoms of Coronavirus or if you have been instructed to isolate.

In the event of bad weather the event will be held indoors at Glencroft Church and face coverings are required.


Please use the email and phone number below to book in for each evening so we can regulate numbers and seating:

07564 835616

(WhatsApp & text message only) 

In the event of bad weather we will hold the event inside in the main hall at Glencroft Church.  Check this website on the day for location updates.

If you would like to hear further interviews with people from all walks of life explaining the difference that Jesus makes in their life please access the Real Lives YouTube by clicking on this symbol: